Why Do Marines Eat Crayons?

June 26, 2022
Why Do Marines Eat Crayons?

It’s well-known that the different branches of the military tease one another relentlessly. Actually, even within branches, service members always give one another a hard time. From POGs to grunts to Marines eating crayons, no one is safe from banter when they join the armed forces.

But why do Marines eat crayons? Apparently, this is a newer phenomenon since some veterans in the older generations had never heard of it themselves. So, to help set the record straight – let’s find out why Marines supposedly eat crayons.

Marines Are Crayon Eaters

Marines Are Crayon Eaters

Ok, let’s be clear. This is a joke and Marines haven’t actually been observed eating crayons instead of their MREs. Unfortunately, this is a play on the perceived intelligence of Marines who are thought to be the least educated branch of the military.

Let’s think about it. Who comes to mind when you think of someone who might be snacking away on some crayons? That’s right – the three-year-olds munching on a box of Crayola because they simply don’t know any better – even if they taste like wax.

So, why are Marines considered so stupid? In reality, surviving in the Marines is no small task. You’ll definitely get whipped into shape as a Marine, but it’s true – you probably don’t need a college degree to master the necessary skills.

Some say that this “dumb” attitude comes from so-called brainwashing within the Marines. The Marines are a very proud branch and perhaps a bit of herd mentality could be responsible for this stereotype that they lack intelligence.

Yet, according to a thread on Quora, the Army should actually be the branch known for eating crayons. Apparently, the Army takes in almost anyone as long as they can do the required number of pushups, pull-ups, and can hold a gun. The Army has even been known to accept those with a past DUI.

Try that with the Navy – not likely you’ll be able to enlist. And without proper education, you can forget about the Air Force. Working with military aircraft requires passing a specific exam in order to enlist. That won’t work if you barely made it through high school.

Still, the Marines seem to have accepted the stereotype and most who are offered a snack with a box of crayons take the joke with a good sense of humor. It really is all in fun anyway.

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