Veteran’s Day Green Light

September 18, 2022
Veteran’s Day Green Light

Veterans are incredibly important members of our nation. They served our country with honor and heroism but often have trouble re-acclimating to civilian life after they retire from the Armed Forces.

This Veteran’s Day, there are many ways to acknowledge and support US veterans, and using green light is a simple way to do so.

Where does this idea come from? Where did it originate and how does it help? Here, we’re going over the Greenlight a Vet, why it’s important, and how you can join in the conversation this November.

Green Light for Veteran’s Day

Greenlight a Vet is a campaign to establish visible national support for our nation’s veterans. Launched by the Walmart-backed Veterans Welcome Home Commitment in 2013, Greenlight a Vet has gained quite a bit of exposure over the years.

Non-profits that have taken part in the campaign include the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, America Serves, Blue Star Families, and others.

Since its inception, the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment has created over 180,000 jobs for veterans and they’re intending to have employed over 250,000 veterans by 2021.

On its own, the campaign has created a lot of awareness for veterans, who often become more camouflaged than ever once returning home.

Why Green Light for Veteran’s Day?

There are a few reasons why the Greenlight a Vet organization chose the color green to symbolize support for veterans.

First of all, green is the color of hope, renewal, and well-being, which are all aspects of a veteran’s return to civilian life that some may find challenging. The organization works to make this transition easier and more rewarding for veterans.

Next, green is known to signal forward movement, such as on a traffic light. This is another way that the organization hopes to symbolize progress and forward momentum for all veterans as they return home.

When you change a single lightbulb to a green lightbulb, it is a simple action that is intended to spark a national conversation that recognizes veterans for their important contributions and “greenlight” them forward as valued members of civilian communities.

Green Light Event Veteran’s Day

Green Light Event Veteran’s Day

So, how does one participate in a green light event for Veteran’s Day? These events are happening all over the country and there are a few ways to make your voice heard.

The first way is to simply change one light bulb to green leading up to November 11th. The idea is to change a lightbulb in a visible position like on your porch, in the front room of your home or office, or any other visible location that will gain attention and act as a symbol of support and appreciation for our veterans.

Then, on the Greenlight a Vet website, you’ll put your light on the map to make sure that every veteran across America can see and feel your support.

With social media being so prolific these days, it’s an opportunity to share photos of your green light and inspiring others to participate. When sharing on social media, the organization asks that you use the hashtag #greenlightavet.

Finally, in the lead-up to Veteran’s Day, you can change your social media profile picture to glow green in support of our veterans.

It’s a nationwide event that you can do on your own or with your family and friends, but regardless, it’ll be happening simultaneously with people all around the country. By doing so and using the power of word-of-mouth as well as the internet, it’s sure to get people talking about our veterans and the challenges they face.

Veterans Green Light Day

The Greenlight a Vet organization focuses on Veteran’s Day to promote their purpose and see it as a welcomed opportunity for Americans to take part in greenlighting a veteran. But, for those who want to keep the conversation going, they’re also urging supporters to shine their green lights all year-round.

So, even though Veterans Green Light Day can be synonymous with November 11th, there is not one day that can be singled out as the day everyone should switch out their lightbulbs. Veterans matter every day of the year, not just on national holidays.

What Does the Green Light for Veterans Mean?

To conclude, the green light represents forward movement and ushering our veterans into new stages of their lives. The transition from military life to civilian life is often painful and confusing and a green light symbolizes that it’s ok to move on.

As a representation of hope and renewal, Greenlight a Vet is a campaign asking supporters of veterans and their families to change a single visible lightbulb in their home or workplace to a green bulb. Whether it’s on your patio or in front of your garage, it’s a conversation starter – and an important conversation at that.

By sharing photos of your green lights on social media and by becoming the talk of your neighborhood, the idea is to bring awareness to the needs of veterans and encouraging civilians to hire, nurture, and accept veterans as valuable members of communities all across the country.

So, if you’re interested, this November and perhaps all year long, change a regular lightbulb to a green one and show your support for veterans and their loved ones. It’s a simple gesture that can make a large impact and help our honorable heroes have a smoother transition back home.

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