Navy Weight Requirements: What You Need to Know

July 10, 2022
Navy Weight Requirements: What You Need to Know

To serve in the U.S. Navy, there are many standards to meet, including Navy weight requirements. Even after you’re in the service, twice a year, Navy sailors are weighed and measured to make sure they’re in optimal physical health.

Taking gender and height into consideration, in order to meet these Navy weight requirements, you can’t be overweight or underweight. Usually, this is determined by a simple step on the scale. But, if there is cause for concern, you may also be measured by circumference, body fat percentage, or BMI.

2022 Navy Weight Requirements

The first step in meeting Navy standards is to make sure you don’t exceed the Navy maximum weight requirements. Based on how tall you are and your gender, weight limits not to exceed will vary. Additionally, the standards become less extreme with age while still encouraging a fitness routine and healthy eating habits.

Maximum Navy Weight Requirements

HeightMax Weight for Men MaxWeight for Women
51” or 4’3”97 lbs102 lbs
52” or 4’4”102 lbs106 lbs
53” or 4’5”107 lbs110 lbs
54” or 4’6”112 lbs114 lbs
55” or 4’7”117 lbs118 lbs
56” or 4’8”122 lbs123 lbs
57” or 4’9”127 lbs127 lbs
58” or 4’10”131 lbs131 lbs
59” or 4’11”136 lbs136 lbs
60” or 5’141 lbs141 lbs
61” or 5’1”145 lbs145 lbs
62” or 5’2”150 lbs149 lbs
63” or 5’3”155 lbs152 lbs
64” or 5’4”160 lbs156 lbs
65” or 5’5”165 lbs160 lbs
66” or 5’6”170 lbs163 lbs
67” or 5’7”176 lbs167 lbs
68” or 5’8”181 lbs170 lbs
69” or 5’9”186 lbs174 lbs
70” or 5’10”191 lbs177 lbs
71” or 5’11”196 lbs181 lbs
72” or 6’201 lbs185 lbs
73” or 6’1”206 lbs189 lbs
74” or 6’2”211 lbs194 lbs
75” or 6’3”216 lbs200 lbs
76” or 6’4”221 lbs205 lbs
77” or 6’5”226 lbs211 lbs
78” or 6’6”231 lbs216 lbs
79” or 6’7”236 lbs222 lbs
80” or 6’8”241 lbs227 lbs
81” or 6’9”246 lbs233 lbs
82” or 6’10”251 lbs239 lbs
83” or 6’11”256 lbs245 lbs
84” or 7’261 lbs251 lbs
85” or 7’1”266 lbs257 lbs
86” or 7’2”271 lbs263 lbs
Circumference Measurements

If you come in overweight for your height and gender, further measures will be taken. For men, the circumference at your abdominal needs to be 39 inches or less while for women it must be 35.5 inches or less to still meet Navy qualifications.

Navy Body Fat Limits

If at this point you’re still not meeting the appropriate requirements, the Navy will then measure your body fat percentage. For men, your body fat percentage can be, at most, 23 percent, using your neck and abdomen. While for women, the maximum is 34 percent, using calculations from your neck, hips, and waist.

Appropriate BMI to Qualify for the Navy

Conversely, if you weigh significantly below the Navy weight standards, you’ll then be subjected to a body fat measurement or BMI scan because, yes, there is actually a minimum weight requirement for the Navy to assure that you’re healthy both in body and mind.

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BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it’s a calculation of your weight divided by your height, then squared. We’ll leave the numbers to the experts, but all you need to know is that your BMI gives you a range to aim for. If your BMI comes in under 19, you’ll be further assessed by the Navy.

Based on the average person, a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 meaning anything lower signals that someone is underweight and anything higher means someone is overweight. To qualify for the Navy, you must have a BMI of at least 17.5 without any signs of psychological problems.

Minimum Navy Weight Requirements

HeightMin Weight at BMI of 19Min Weight at BMI 17.5
58” or 4’10”91 lbs84 lbs
59” or 4’11”94 lbs87 lbs
60” or 5’97 lbs90 lbs
61” or 5’1”100 lbs92 lbs
62” or 5’2”104 lbs95 lbs
63” or 5’3”107 lbs98 lbs
64” or 5’4”110 lbs102 lbs
65” or 5’5”114 lbs105 lbs
66” or 5’6”118 lbs108 lbs
67” or 5’7”121 lbs112 lbs
68” or 5’8”125 lbs115 lbs
69” or 5’9”128 lbs119 lbs
70” or 5’10”132 lbs122 lbs
71” or 5’11”136 lbs125 lbs
72” or 6’140 lbs129 lbs
73” or 6’1”144 lbs132 lbs
74” or 6’2”148 lbs136 lbs
75” or 6’3”152 lbs140 lbs
76” or 6’4”156 lbs144 lbs
77” or 6’5”160 lbs147 lbs
78” or 6’6”164 lbs151 lbs

Overall, you can certainly be too overweight and out of shape to serve in the Navy but you can also be too thin, too tall, or too short. Based on these Navy weight requirements, you’ll now be able to work toward your goals and feel confident in knowing what is required to serve in the U.S. Navy.

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