How Long is Airborne School?

November 5, 2022
How Long is Airborne School?

Airborne School, or jump school, is one of the most rigorous and highly regarded of all of the military training programs. The school consists of a demanding course that will prepare students to jump out of an airplane safely and understand the mental and physical challenges of parachuting.

Applicants must volunteer to attend Airborne School and all of the training takes place at Fort Benning in Atlanta, Georgia. It is operated by 1st Battalion of the 507th Infantry and although it is an Army Infantry School, and military branches send their potential paratroopers to this army school.

So many people wonder, how long is Airborne School at Fort Benning? Basic Airborne Course, or BAC, consists of a demanding three week course that will qualify successful students to use a parachute in potential conflict. Becoming a paratrooper or obtaining your ‘Jump Wings’ for successful completion of BAC is an honor service members from all branches respect and admire.

How long is Army Airborne School and what sorts of training takes place?

Airborne jump school consists of three weeks of training divided into a ground week, a tower week, and of course a jump week.

Ground week ensures students have the proper fitness abilities for the rigors of para-jumping and teaches students how to jump and land safely. Students utilize training equipment, towers, and gain the confidence to proceed in the course. The goal is to learn and then perfect the Parachute Landing Fall. Because of the physical fitness requirements in this week, it is the most common week for students to drop out.

Tower week solidifies the students’ individual jumping abilities and creates camaraderie by various team bonding activities and tests. Much of the time in week two is spent practicing techniques and emergency procedures on the various jump towers. Students gain more advanced technical knowledge of their parachute, master the Swing Lander Trainer (SLT), and gain important canopy confidence.

Jump week culminates the end of the rigors of training and highly physical demands of the Basic Airborne Course. For students to obtain the revered silver wings, or ‘Jump Wings’, they must successfully complete five jumps at 1,250 feet and complete all physical fitness requirements. Typically one of the five jumps must be at night time.

How long is Airborne jump school?

Three weeks only. But those three weeks will be some of the most mentally challenging and physically grueling experiences of a students life. Many students continue their training at additional advanced training schools depending on their Military Occupation Specialty, or MOS.

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